A huge challenge

A huge challenge

Replanting large, deforested areas has always been expensive, time-consuming and a lot of hard work!

Dozens of people would labour for days or weeks, planting every single seedling by hand. Even if you used a machine, progress was slow, and reaching elevated hillsides or rocky terrains was next to impossible.

And then, when you’d scattered all your seeds, how many would actually survive the baking sun, torrential rain or driving winds? Not very many. On average it’s around 40%.

Most governments or local authorities couldn’t justify forking out a fortune to restore forests cleared for mining and agriculture, or destroyed by bushfires. 

Throughout recent decades, about 15 billion trees have been lost every year resulting in reduced oxygen production, less carbon dioxide being absorbed from the atmosphere and accelerated climate change.

A huge challenge
A new solution

A new solution

The idea for Lord of the Trees came from a David Attenborough documentary about the Galapagos Islands. 

It featured a small island that had been completely barren but was now a flourishing rainforest because of one crucial species.


The program revealed that the trees that had formed the basis of the new ecosystem germinated when they were pooed out by the creatures as they flew overhead. The faecal matter was rich in nutrients and protected the seedlings until they had begun to sprout roots.

So if a nightjar or parrot could drop a single seed while gliding between palm trees, just think how many could be dispensed by drones! And if each seedling was surrounded by fertiliser similar to the bird poo, its chances of survival would double. 

Fast forward a couple of years and Lord of the Trees has developed a unique drone technology that can precision plant an incredible 288,000 in just 12 hours, each packed into a carefully balanced fertiliser mix to give it the best possible chance. 

In fact, the success rate is over 75%!

We can now help civil authorities, the mining sector and agricultural industry restore biodiversity on a mass scale at a vastly reduced cost.

The planet is crying out for millions of new trees, and we’re ready to answer its call.

Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance

Leave an environmental legacy you can be proud of and improve your communities. Ensure stronger regrowth and a higher planting survival rate in deforested areas.

Deforestation Wildfire

Strengthen Your Reforestation Efforts

When state or federal governments either rebuild an area devastated by deforestation or create an entirely new habitat, they’re not only mitigating the effects of climate change, they’re enhancing the lives of their citizens.

It’s perhaps the greatest legacy they can leave for future generations. 

After a fire sweeps through a forested area or a lumber company chops down all its trees, the vegetation will eventually grow back on its own over a long period of time. 

But these ‘second-growth forests’ can look very different from the ones they replace, and often aren’t as strong or biodiverse as they need to be to support wildlife or ensure long-term survival.

Reforestation Drones

‘Chronosequencing’ is the term used to describe how a degraded area gradually turns back into a robust, wooded ecosystem. Some pioneer plants will rapidly take hold and start to change the landscape by altering soil composition and light saturation so determining what life can thrive.

Our planting strategies are based on years of scientific research into the symbiotic relationship between species, the timing of each phase of germination and seasonal considerations. We consult with experts to gain knowledge about local conditions and cultural considerations and have achieved efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry. 

Whether your government agency is responsible for a rainforest, tropical deciduous forest, temperate, broad-leaved deciduous trees or a coniferous landscape, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen faster and at a fraction of the usual cost.

The actions that countries and states take to preserve the environment have never been more in focus. And Lord of the Trees is ready to help you succeed.

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Revolutionalising Sustainable Farming

Revolutionalising Sustainable Farming

Our groundbreaking drone technology will boost your business’ profits by slashing planting costs, increasing yield and reducing the need for pesticides.

Drone agriculture Farmer

Reduce your planting costs, increase sustainability

Agriculture around the world is facing unprecedented challenges as farmers scramble to respond to increased consumer demand for organic, environmentally friendly practices, while at the same time coping with the devastating consequences of climate change.

Flooding, bushfires, droughts and changing rainfall patterns have had a brutal impact on the entire industry from small, family-run farms to vast agricultural corporations. And that was before the disruption caused by Covid-19.

Concern over the use of pesticides has led to a shift to more sustainable practices that can be costlier and more labour-intensive. So the traditional manual approach to sowing is less cost-effective and burdened with the risk to humans of chemical exposure, mechanical accidents and the problems associated with difficult terrain.

Sustainable agriculture drone Agriculture drone lord of the trees

Expensive manned aircraft require a nearby runway, and wind conditions can lead to dangerous chemical drift and seeds being blown off target. They’re also not exactly carbon neutral.

Lord of the Trees’ innovative drone mapping and planting technology is the result of years of practical experience and will revolutionalise your farming operations, offering the ultimate balance between precision, efficiency, cost, safety and sustainability.

With faster planting capabilities and the scope to work day and night in any environment, our drones provide faster, more flexible sowing for dozens of different crops, bringing significant cost efficiencies and slashing labour hours.

Another, often overlooked, benefit is the establishment of wildflower corridors between fields to attract more birds and other pollinators that prey on harmful pests. By restoring your land’s biodiversity, they not only reduce the need for spraying but increase yields with a minimal loss of crop space.

Get in contact with us today, and we’ll demonstrate how accurate mapping and a holistic approach to year-round land management will bring a multitude of direct benefits to your business.

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A Breakthrough in Mining Restoration

A Breakthrough in Mining Restoration

Quickly and efficiently revegetate and restore your mining sites to robust, healthy ecosystems for a fraction of the cost.

Reforestation mining Drone mining Mining restoration lord of the trees

Accelerate the restoration of your mining sites

Much of the world’s mineral and energy resources are found in forested areas that have to be cleared before operations can commence.

After the extraction is completed, returning the area to its former glory is a costly and time-consuming exercise, particularly on remote or difficult terrains.

Lord of the Trees’ proprietary precision planting drone technology means huge mined landscapes can often be replanted in just one day while reducing your costs by 85%.

We can help map out in detail the land you need to restore and use this first-hand analysis to provide recommendations for reforestation of native grassland and forests.

We have 18 years of research and a team of experienced scientists and forestry experts who utilise the Forestry Reclamation Approach and work within established regulatory frameworks that allow for variations in habitats and types of tree

Our guiding principles

  • Any reconstruction should be modelled on the natural ecosystems of the area and involve a suitable diversity of fauna to ensure long-term success.
  • Facilitate strong root systems by detailed soil analysis and the use of organic supplements where necessary.
  • Careful selection of a diversity of tree species based on topography and climate conditions while encouraging natural regeneration as much as possible.
  • Utilising direct placement of forest floor material combined with our unique seed pod technology to rapidly re-establish native species.
  • Selective on-going management to monitor progress and take additional action where necessary.
* Macdonald, S.E., Landhäusser, S.M., Skousen, J. et al. Forest restoration following surface mining disturbance: challenges and solutions. New Forests 46, 703–732 (2015). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11056-015-9506-4

The successful restoration of the natural ecosystem following mining disturbance will be facilitated by an established regulatory framework that understands and accepts variations in objectives and outcomes.

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