This University of New South Wales (UNSW) short 90-seconds video of our Master of Environmental Management graduate and Founder of Lord of the Trees, Aymeric Maudous, is "nothing short of inspiring!" Aymeric harnesses the power of drone technology to rehabilitate environmental zones impacted by natural disasters (time to listen: 1min 34 sec):

2GB Radio ~ Our founder, Aymeric Maudous, had the chance to sit down with John Stanley from 2GB Radio and talk about our revolutionary drone planting technology, reforestation and climate change (27 Oct 2020 ~ Time to listen: 14min 40 sec):

ZDF~DocuVista: German public TV network eco-documentary series 'Planet-e'. Streaming culture has given rise to a new generation of documentary lovers. With climate chief among concerns for the new generation, it has been an honour to have been chosen by DocuVista for their latest eco-documentary series 'Planet-e' which aired on the German public TV network ZDF on the 4th of November 2020. The focus of this 30-minutes eco-documentary is on the role played by forests in addressing the challenges of climate change.

Watch now in English at: (01 Nov 2020 ~ Time to watch: 28min)

ZDF DocuVista 1ZDF DocuVista 2ZDF DocuVista 3