• Aymeric Maudous

      Aymeric Maudous

      Founder and Director

      Holding 2 Master’s Degrees in International Marketing and Environmental Management, Aymeric has a long history of working in the sustainable arena.

      Aymeric moved to Australia in 2004 and worked on a forestry project in WA, firmly stoking the passion he had for environmental sustainability. The project was subsequently awarded the United Nations World Environment Day award for the category Meeting The Greenhouse Challenge.

      In 2009, Aymeric launched the world’s first Eco Xpo in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, allowing those equally committed to sustainable living to showcase how easy and achievable it is for consumers and businesses alike. This successful expo ran for 6 years before Aymeric sold the business to focus on other entrepreneurial pursuits.

      Aymeric founded Lord of the Trees, Australia’s first commercial drone planting scheme, at the end of 2019 after an extensive career as a brand marketer for Renault, Disney, Louis Vuitton and more recently MaisonNets.

      Aymeric was recently hand-picked to be part of an international cohort of sustainability experts to participate in the Climate Reality Leadership Course lead by Al Gore.

    • Monica Dodi

      Monica Dodi

      Trust and Foundation Executive Director

      Monica brings over 30 years’ experience in building highly successful companies in engineering databases, digital media and consumer products. She also invested in innovative companies with Softbank, the Women's VC Fund and The 22 Fund.

      She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a degree in International Economics from Georgetown University. Monica has travelled the world establishing MTV

      successfully in 16 countries across Europe, and leading Disney's Consumer Products division in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

      Subsequently, Monica was SVP Warner Bros establishing television channels worldwide and was recruited to be CEO of AOL’s first entertainment channels reaching operating breakeven in less than a year with 4 million uniques visitors per day.

      Subsequently, Monica was Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Softbank Technology Ventures in their investment strategies, deal flow and due diligence. Seeing a lack of diversity in venture-backed investments, she co-founded the Women’s VC Fund and The 22 Fund to support high potential yet overlooked female and minority entrepreneurs.

      Monica is an ardent and active climate activist and was a founding Board Director of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Project. She is perfectly positioned to assist Lord of the Trees in establishing and maintaining key relationships across our Trust and Foundation partners.

    • Raphael Wood

      Raphael Wood

      Carbon Credits Advisor

      Raphael Wood (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Geology) is currently President of the Australian Carbon Standards Association, making him the perfect person to lead Lord of the Trees’ on our carbon credits structure and assist us to be at the forefront of the Carbon and Renewable markets globally.

      His career highlights include 5 years advising Federal Government on environmental markets and 2.5 years working with Australia's largest carbon project developer.

      As a Manager for Clean Energy Markets from 2010-2015 at The Clean Energy Regulator that administered the Clean Energy Act, which included the Renewable Energy Target, the Carbon Farming Initiative and the Emissions Reduction Fund, Raph also managed a team of analysts who monitored the evolving Carbon and Renewable Energy markets.

      During his time as Head of Environmental Markets and Strategy at GreenCollar, Raphael combined all of his private and public sector knowledge of environmental markets to identify and commercialise opportunities in the Carbon and Renewable sectors in Australia.

      Raphael will ensure Lord of the Trees takes a leadership role in Australia and around the globe in the carbon credit sector, and help guide and advise Lord of the Trees’ corporate partners about the importance of adopting a carbon credit scheme into their operations.

    • Alex Sava

      Dr. Alex Sava

      Chief Scientist of Research and Development

      Dr Alex Sava has over 40 years’ experience in microbiology, chemistry biochemistry and built environments. Dr Sava founded ‘Green and Healthy Auditors’ in 2014.

      As a PhD student in the mid 80’s Dr Sava was a part of the team developing semiconductor manufacturing technologies. In 1986 based in Kiev, just 90 km from the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Dr Sava worked closely with the Institute of Nuclear Research of the UkrainianAcademy of Sciences,

      helping to assay everything from foods, soils and plants to air samples and baby pram surfaces, for traces of radiation and chemical contaminants.

      This unique combination of cross-discipline skills - from winemaking to nuclear technologies and missile targeting sensors, helped Dr Sava secure a post as a Vice President of the New-York-based Micromax Computer Intelligence. In the early 1990s, Dr Sava moved to Australia where he joined Novapharm Research and invented, patented and commercialised a number of world-first, breakthrough technologies.

      From the early 2000s, Dr Sava has participated and presented at many U.S. conferences including The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC),European (ICPIC, International Conference of Prevention and Infection Control) and WFHSS(World Federation for Hospital sterile supply), authoring over 30 international patents and multiple scientific articles.

      Through his involvement with Aeris Environmental, Dr Sava has become one of the world’sopinion leaders on biofilms. It is his unique combination of scientific knowledge that will assistLord of the Trees to revolutionise the way seeds are planted and demonstrate to the world howby working with Nature and her own rhythms, we are able to regenerate our wonderful planet.

    • Mahmood Hussein

      Mahmood Hussein

      Flight Operations

      In 2014, Mahmood Hussein founded Global Drone Solutions, a CASA approved drone pilot training organization, used and trusted by BHP, Fortescue, Regis Resources, KPMG and Water Corp for their drone pilot training requirements.

      Mahmood understands the need to harness drone technology to solve both social, business and environmental demands. He is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading drone training experts and pilot provider.

      Ensuring he is at the cutting edge of drone technology, Mahmood has lived and breathed drones and the industry for several years paying close attention to any and all changes or shifts the industry is making, quickly discovering, mastering and packaging the latest innovations that drone technology has to offer.

      With a background as a senior executive holding positions with national and multi-national market leaders in the Mining, Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing industries, Mahmood now brings his vast drone and business knowledge to Lord of The Trees.

      At Lord of The Trees, Mahmood will oversee all drone operations and training of pilots, and use his extensive industry connections to advance the message and reach of our drone planting technology.

    • Jeff Lubrano

      Jeff Lubrano

      Chief Creative Officer

      ‘Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.’ - Sir Francis Bacon. Words that Jeff Lubrano works and lives by. Jeff founded Studio Fertile, in Paris in 2005, a studio dedicated to creative environmental, and digital design with purpose.

      After being the youngest journalist in France to launch his own magazine, ‘NOWAY Skateboarding Magazine’ in 1988. Jeff went on to be Director of Communications for Veolia in Switzerland (specialising in all aspects of waste management and sustainability),

      and Électricité de France (EDF) when he was based in Germany (Europe's largest electricity company, who is committed to building a nett-zero energy future, and they are building the largest solar project in Abu Dhabi).

      Jeff’s partnership with an organic farmer in Normandy resulted in the ingenious ‘Les Pailles La Perche’ - organic straws made from straw, which caught the attention of Greta Thunberg whom he met when she was awarded the Freedom Prize during the Normandy World Peace Forum 2019 in France.

      He is an affiliated member of the Circular Economy Club, the Alliance Française des Designers and Ambassador in Paris to the 5 Gyres Institute, and is a fervent defender of environmental endeavours both philanthropic and commercial with conscience.

      Jeff marries his love of the environment with his creative skills and will ensure all the Lord of the Trees digital communications reflect the mission and values of our organisation.

    • Alison Haysey

      Alison Haysey

      Project Manager

      Alison works in collaboration with Australia’s First Nations People in order to develop our reforestation projects in direct consultation, and respectfully with the Traditional Owners of the land.

      From her formative years spent in the pacific islands of Vanuatu, Alison has retained a strong sense of sharing, the value of cultural diversity, respect for others, community and the environment.

      This would, in turn, lead her to discover Australia’s own immense cultural heritage and connection to country.

      Alison will liaise with local indigenous people on each of the Lord of the Trees projects, both in Australia and overseas, to ensure the original custodians of the land and their inherent wisdom about the local flora and fauna micro-environments informs the locations and species of each Lord of the Trees planting projects.

    • Stephen King

      Stephen King

      Head of Partnerships

      Stephen brings with him 25+ years experience in Sponsorship and Partnership engagements as well as business development for corporates, private enterprise and not-for-profits.

      Stephen founded The Sponsorship Brokers, specialists in creating meaningful long-term revenue-generating partnerships for the Not for Profit Sector, For-Profit entities and Member- based organisations.

      He is also a co-founder of Sponsology; the world’s first online matching platform for Sponsorship, Partnerships and Philanthropic Giving.

      His work with Lord of the Trees will focus on procuring partnerships with organisations that are aligned with, and supportive of, our mission to replant and regenerate our planet.

    • Kate Engler

      Kate Engler

      Public Relations

      For many years Kate was a corporate high-flyer. She had a hugely successful career as a highly sought after communications and PR specialist. During this time she worked with internationally recognised brands including World Vision, P&O Cruises, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, BedShed, Homeloans Ltd, Australand, Sanwa Vines, and Dilmah Tea.

      A decade ago, Kate turned her back on the corporate world to help small and medium-sized businesses like Lord of the Trees gain media exposure in print, on the radio and on TV. Every year, Kate controls hundreds of hours of TV and radio time, and hundreds of pages of national, local and specialty newspapers and magazines. She knows the media world inside out, and uses her knowledge, experience and contacts to help us get featured on some of Australia’s biggest TV shows, radio stations and in some of the nation’s biggest circulating newspapers including.

      Apart from her extensive knowledge industry experience, Kate is known as an engaging, generous presenter and for her warm, welcoming and surprisingly (for a PR person) genuine nature.

    • David Kennett

      David Kennett

      Forestry Expert

      David has explored the reasons why trees in natural forests have a 98% survival rate vs only 2% within forestry plantations and has worked to develop methods that emulate Nature’s methods. Convinced that the traditional forestry methods, inherited from Britain, were not the most appropriate for Australia’s arid conditions, David Kennett acquired a severely salt-degraded property in a semi-arid region of Western Australia in 2001 to test and perfect his planting theories. This marked the beginning of his ‘Arid Region Forestry Research Project: Auria’.

      As of 2020, over a million trees have been planted on his 242Ha ‘Auria’, research property, lowering the water table by over 2 metres and seeing a return of wildlife to the area. Degraded land up and down the catchment, that had not carried crops for 60 years or more, is gradually recovering and able to grow crops.

      David’s work has been widely recognised, a finalist in the category ‘Meeting the Greenhouse Challenge’ in 2009 at the United Nations Association of Australia, ‘World Environment Day Awards’ and again in 2011 in the ‘Individual Award’ category.

      David is now assisting Lord of the Trees with the development of direct-seeding technology, that will enable a myriad of endemic plant species to be established over vast regions of land that are not accessible by machines. David’s discoveries and understanding of subtle, previously-unrecognised influences affecting plant survival and growth rates, allows Lord of the Trees to address relevant challenges in the ecosystems in which we work.

    • Andrew

      Andrew Vukosav

      Photographer- Pilot

      Andrew is highly sought after commercial and fine art photographer with a passion for flight and the Australian landscape.

      With decades of experience in his craft as both photographer and pilot, the combination of his passions manifested in fitting out Vukosav’s single engine Cessna 182 with a Phase One Industrial digital camera into the underbelly of the fuselage

      enabling him to use the whole plane as a camera body, pitching it into position for each shot. Every photograph is remarkable in its elaborate detail and beautiful patterns of vegetation, rock formations, flowing water and animal tracks.

      Andrew has been commissioned on works throughout Australia, Asia and the USA creating imagery for clients such as BHP, Optus, Singapore Airlines, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, to name but a few.

      He is an award winning photographer (“Cannes Lion” recipient), and uses his love of, and passion for ,adventure & freedom to raise awareness of the fragility of the planet and contribute to highlighting the importance of preservation and sustainability so that it endures for future generations” says Andrew.



Lord of the Trees is supported through a partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), which includes students and academics from both the Faculties of Science and Engineering.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Lord of the Trees is proud to be a Supporting Partner of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust. Our support goes towards the Gardens’ world-leading research and conservation projects, as the Gardens’ scientists work to mitigate some of the critical environmental challenges facing our planet.