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Lord of the Trees Drone Seed


Lord of the Trees Drone Seed

In 2019, Aymeric Maudous sowed the seeds of Lord of the Trees, a harmonious convergence of his aspirations and those of like-minded individuals who share his vision for a planet restored to its ecological and social brilliance.

Our outward mission is elegantly simple: collaborating with the land-use sector to mend and rejuvenate landscapes. This endeavor unfolds through two fundamental pathways: 

– Fostering indigenous land management traditions with cutting-edge technologies.

– Attracting an extraordinary community of conscientious, audacious, and thoughtful individuals who share our commitment to nurturing our world.


Balance of Principles

Within the core of our being resides a mission just as lucid – a mission underpinned by equity and sustainability. Operating on the triple-bottom-line principle, we deftly balance People, Planet, and Profits. Unified by shared values of creativity, integrity, respect, and dedication, our diverse team thrives on crafting solutions that manifest our intentions.

Synergy in Motion

Crafting a collaborative ethos that respects diverse time zones, we sculpt a work-style that's both adaptable and considerate. Guided by mutually agreed-upon goals and performance indicators, we deliberate over what to measure and how, while charting the compass toward success. We remain not just accountable to our clients.

Innovation Trust

The mosaic of talents in our team sparks an energetic ambiance of innovation and exploration. Fueled by perpetual learning and boundless adventure, we forge bonds of trust and pioneering fervor that fuel our ambition to tangibly reshape our world. With every idea shared, every challenge surmounted, we edge closer to the transformation.


Our collaborative tapestry interweaves with diverse entities, forging a commitment to coexist harmoniously with the earth. Through united efforts, we ensure that the seeds we plant today blossom into a verdant canopy of hope and sustenance for generations to come.


We extend our acknowledgment to the diverse Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters across the world who we work with, including but not limited to the First Nations Peoples, indigenous communities, and forest people. We honor their enduring cultures and profound relationships with the land they are the custodians of. With utmost respect, we appreciate their deep spiritual connections to the  lands through which we traverse, work, reside, and dream.

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