Aerial Drone Photography& Videography


Collaborating with indigenous custodians and local forest communities, we embrace Lo-TEK: Local Traditional Ecological Knowledge. This synergy of ‘high tech’ methodologies and Lo-TEK practices underscores our commitment to a holistic approach. It’s an acknowledgment of the symbiotic relationship between technological innovation and the profound insights gleaned from generations deeply rooted in the land. This blend empowers us to not only restore but enhance the natural equilibrium, ensuring the sustainability of habitats and their indigenous inhabitants.

In regions marred by devastating bushfires, mining disruption, or widespread agricultural clearance, our 18 years of dedicated forestry research and unique seedpod expertise come to fruition. We employ these resources to reintroduce trees, reinvigorate ecosystems, and facilitate companion planting. This integrated strategy expedites the restoration of resilient habitats, achieving in a fraction of time what manual efforts could not achieve alone.


We extend our acknowledgment to the diverse Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters across the world who we work with, including but not limited to the First Nations Peoples, indigenous communities, and forest people. We honor their enduring cultures and profound relationships with the land they are the custodians of. With utmost respect, we appreciate their deep spiritual connections to the  lands through which we traverse, work, reside, and dream.

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