Trees are our life source

Since the dawn of time, trees have nurtured us with fresh air, clean water, an abundance of food and shelter from the elements. They have ensured the continuance of our beautiful natural world and the wildlife within it. They have created the perfect environment for us to not only grow and survive, but thrive.

Trees are our life source

Now, it’s our turn to protect them.

Lord of the Trees is a global reforestation project that uses precision drone technology to replant seedpods into deforested areas worldwide. We combine the knowledge of environmental experts, scientists, engineers, animal protection agencies and indigenous communities to facilitate companion planting and enhance the symbiotic relationship of plants to ensure the success of our replanted areas.


Our Mission

Trees show us that something powerful and enduring can grow from the tiniest seed. At Lord of the Trees, it is our mission to be that tiny seed that grows into something great.

Combining our love of nature with the power of technology, we are committed to restoring and preserving our natural world with the help of the global community.

Sadly, the earth’s forests are suffering from unprecedented levels of deforestation.

18.7 million acres of the earth’s forests are lost per year* (that’s the equivalent of 27 soccer fields per minute!) and about half of the world’s tropical forests have now been cleared

As a result, our wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, water cycle and even the climate are being significantly impacted.

It is our mission to break this cycle of destruction and promote new life in the world’s deforested areas.

Trees show us that something powerful and enduring

Our Goal

With each of our reforestation projects, Lord of the Trees aims to rebuild or enhance wildlife corridors of wildflowers and smaller shrubs to improve the biodiversity of pollinators, such as bees, while helping birds and small animals reclaim their habitats.

We also work with local indigenous communities, environmental organisations and seed specialists to select native species suitable for the region we’re targeting, each seed playing an important part in the revegetation of the entire ecosystem.

We aim to extend this project to reforest burned areas worldwide, as well as assist in replanting after mining, improve reforestation in hard to reach areas such as landslides or steep escarpments, support the survival of wildlife near significant infrastructure or transport corridors, and increase mangrove planting in coastal areas.

As part of our roadmap for 2021, we’re also aiming to become a B-corporation and to showcase our leadership in using our business as a force of good, making a positive impact across our workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

With our proprietary precision planting drone technology developed by a team of multi-award winning industrial designers and the help of the global community, we can successfully revegetate and reforest the world’s most affected areas at a large scale and ensure the survival of the trees of tomorrow.